Sunday, April 20, 2008

Did I neglect to mention I was making a movie.

"That is correct, sir!" Comic Fiction is in production on it's first feature length live action movie, "Movie Logic 101." It's got action, adventure, excitement, laughs, and cries. Well, considering it's supposed to be a comedy, maybe not too much crying. We will be in production on the film for the next few months and I'll try to keep up with the news and happenings on the set while we're shooting. The flick was written and is being directed by me (Myron A. Stanley, if you couldn't remember whose blog this is). It's a comedic look at careers, relationships, and the choices we make...

Really, that's what it's about.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot. And there is something in there about hot vampire chicks, but no one will be interested in that aspect of the film.

Here are some production shots taken on the set and of course there's a website for the flick at

photos taken by Charlie McGrath

taking a quick break

figuring out the best way to handle the next scene

our heroes fake place of employment, Jenkins, Hughes, and Harris

working out hair and makeup or just trying to get her in the wig

all that for a quick walk by, but you can see the wig

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Been Too Long

Wow! Been way too long since this has been updated. Got alot to update too. Let's start with episode two of Paper Sack Brown.

This isn't the originally intended second episode, had to do a retake of the voice work on that, that one will end up being episode four. Stay tuned for that.

The Comic Fiction website has been redesigned (again). This one should stick around for at least a few months.

New artwork on the way.

And some big news.