Saturday, November 1, 2014

Black Dynamite Dash...

And Other Artwork from mister CUJO Happy Halloween 2014.  The whole episode basically comes down to drawing a Friendship is Magic pony with an afro, my definition of a Brony.  How do you make it even more over the top?  Give the happy trotter a Black Dynamite afro to be more specific.

My original idea was to dress mister CUJO and DARYL in outfits from the animated series M.A.S.K., then I thought about Gatchaman (or Battle of the Planets, or G-Force, or Eagle Force, depending when and where you may have seen the series). Finally it came down to the fact that I just really wanted to draw the characters from a series that really spoke to me as a kid and still does today.  Their designs are so iconic and have influenced so many.  So, that's what I did...

Black and white line art

Colored versions used in the short

More detailed and colored, Joe the Condor or Jason from Battle of the Planets

More detailed and colored, Ken the Eagle or Mark from Battle of the Planets

You can check out Happy Halloween 2014 below.  Until next time, have a happy...

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